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February 28, 2011 - Convert Documents between Word and LaTeX

For Immediate Release

Contact: Kirill Chikrii,

Convert Documents between Word and LaTeX

Chikrii Softlab has released Word2TeX v. 5.0 and TeX2Word v. 3.0, two easy-to-use Microsoft Word add-ins that let you convert documents between LaTeX and Word formats. LaTeX is the de facto standard in scientific publishing, and most scientific publishers accept papers only in LaTeX format.

By adding a LaTeX option to Word's "Save As..." dialog, Word2TeX makes it simple to convert documents to LaTeX2e, LaTeX2.09, and AMS-LaTeX formats. Word2TeX can be customized to produce any LaTeX-based format.

The built-in customizable Unicode database lets you convert all text. With support for Equation Editor and Mathtype, it's easy to convert equations and references to equations. Text formatting, paragraph styles, multicolumn formatting, references, hyperlinks, nested tables, and lists are supported. The program even converts footnotes and endnotes to LaTeX bibliography format, automatically.

You can easily create articles, technical reports, research papers, dissertations, and even entire books without learning the complex LaTeX format. This effortless conversion saves time and money, and allows students, researchers, scientists, and scholars to concentrate on their research and not on LaTeX's complex syntax.

TeX2Word is a converter that lets Microsoft Word open documents in TeX format, including the many varieties of LaTeX. Simply install TeX2Word, select TeX format from the Open dialog, and the TeX document will be opened in Word. Without having to convert documents manually, TeX2Word makes it easy to distribute scientific documents in the universally-accepted Word format.

More than a simple converter, TeX2Word has a pseudoTeX compiler built in. TeX2Word has open-architecture and provides everyone with the opportunity to customize it for personal or business needs.

Word2TeX and TeX2Word run under Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7, and requires Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010. The programs are sold separately for $99(US) each. Academic discounts, multi-user licenses, and professional licenses are available. For more information, contact Chikrii Softlab, Email: Internet:

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Reviews & Press

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