Price (USD) Academic License Professional License
Word2TeX (version 5.0 for 32-bit MS Office)

More about: Word to LaTeX converter

If you already own Word2TeX license please upgrade for  $25.00

 $99.00  $45.00  $300.00
TeX2Word (version 4.1 for 32-bit and 64-bit MS Office)

More about: TeX/LaTeX to Word converter

If you already own TeX2Word license please upgrade for  $25.00

 $99.00  $45.00  $300.00

 Academic Licenses
Academic prices are for faculty, staff and students of schools, colleges, and universities only. The name of the academic institution will be required when ordering.
 Professional Licenses
Use of Software by a commercial organisation for providing document translation services to any third party requires Professional License from Chikrii Softlab if any payment is made in connection with such services.
 Site Licenses
Please contact for information on site licenses.