While we provided support for Word2TeX since 1999 we accumulated a number of issues which we call 'paranormal'. Some our users run into really unexpected phenomenons. They look like paranormal from unsophisticated point of view.
Come back as often as you like, we'll add more from time to time.

Equation magic

Here's MAGIC.DOC, a small document which has only one equation in it (initially created by Equation Editor):

Equation 1

If you'll try to convert this document using Word2TeX, it will turn into another equation:

\lambda _{cr} = {\frac{{c}}{{F_{0} l}}}

Here's how this LaTeX equation looks like:

Equation 2

They are similar, but not too much... Maybe Word2TeX tried to simplify equation? Let's proove an alibi for Word2TeX!
In your Microsoft Word open MAGIC.DOC (we tried it on Word2000+MathType 4.0) using File|Open... menu and then File|Save As... with Rich Text Format (*.rtf) saving format option. And now prepare for surprise: load MAGIC.RTF into Word, -- you'll see our magic equation in its original form:

Equation 1

if you'll double-click on this equation -- MathType will perform a miracle shown below

Equation 2

Believe in miracles but don't depend on them.