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Word2TeX: Features

State-of-the-art user interface
Document formatting & structure translation

State-of-the-art user interface

Word2TeX is very easy to use once installed. To translate your Word document to LaTeX you just need to File|Save As... with "TeX" saving format option:

Document formatting & structure translation

Translates documents to LaTeX2e, LaTeX2.09, AMS-LaTeX formats. Word2TeX can be customized to produce any LaTeX-based format.

Word2TeX translates following structure and formatting aspects of Word documents:

  • text (including MBCS, has built-in customizable Unicode database),
  • equations and references to equations (all versions of Equation Editor and MathType supported, including Microsoft Word 2007/2010 built-in Equation Editor) ,
  • color (in equations too),
  • text formatting,
  • paragraph styles,
  • footnotes, endnotes (to LaTeX bibliography),
  • index,
  • multicolumn formatting,
  • references, hyperlinks,
  • figures (to EPS or EPDF),
  • tables (including nested tables),
  • lists and enumerations,
  • and even much more...

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