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TeX2Word: Features

State-of-the-art user interface + Seamless operation
Real equation translation
Maximum flexibility

State-of-the-art user interface + Seamless operation

Once TeX2Word installed, its operation is seamless.

Below is LaTeX to Word conversion in 2 steps:

  1. Start Microsoft Word (if it's not already running);
  2. Open your LaTeX document (*.tex);

That's all! I told you it was easy.

Real equation translation

TeX2Word translates TeX equations to real MS Word equations (or MathType equation objects, depending on your choice). They are fully functional as if you created them manually (real-life example with MathType below).

Maximum flexibility

TeX2Word isn't just converter -- it has pseudoTeX compiler built-in! And that's why we can surely say that TeX2Word can translate any TeX/LaTeX document. Anyway, there's a lot of different LaTeX formats/document classes and packages. All document classes and some of the packages that TeX2Word supports are distributed with TeX2Word in source-code form so that anyone interested can define/redefine any TeX2Word translation rules.

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