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TeX2Word: Download

Although we are confident that you will be impressed by TeX2Word features, we understand that you might want to try it yourself before purchasing it. Using the instructions presented here, you can download TeX2Word and try it out for 30 days, free of charge.

I want to start evaluating TeX2Word now!

tex2word.exe (4.4 MB)

Or, if your antivirus/firewall doesn't allow downloading executables, please download ZIP archive: (4.0 MB)

What to expect after installing the evaluation

You will have 30 days in which to enjoy all the features of TeX2Word, but with the following restrictions: only first 100 (one hundred) equations will be translated for every document; you will need to click "Ok" after every translation even if document was processed without Warnings/Errors.

At any time, before or after the evaluation period ends, you can purchase a valid license number by going to the Chikrii Softlab web site at, then click on "Buy Now!" under Store.

All my friends want to try TeX2Word

Feel free to send a link to this page to your friends and colleagues, so they can try TeX2Word for themselves. You are free to use image presented below to put links to this page on your own webpages.

Last modified at: March 5, 2011
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